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Junior VS. Senior Lot

Sophia Mittman

Art, Features, and Games Editor

There has been much discussion regarding parking in the senior lot. Many juniors complain about having to park far away from school. Some 11th graders parked in the senior lot a few times, leaving no spots for the 12th graders and creating conflict between the classes.

I don’t mind parking in the junior lot, since leaving campus in the afternoon is easier — I can leave school without getting stuck in the car line. So the junior lot has its positives, even though it is farther from the building. Also, many of the juniors are not the best at parking, so having the juniors park at the bottom of the hill is a good idea so there won’t be as many accidents. There has been a few incidents with students hitting other cars.

It is only a pain to park in the junior lot when it is raining or freezing. Walking up the hill in the morning is a workout, but it gets me up for the day. All the juniors are currently discussing the best parking spots once the seniors leave. Some juniors plan to arrive at school early that day to claim their spot. It is definitely going to be a brutal competition with parking between the 11th graders who drive to school.


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