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Looking Back & Looking Forward to Next Year

As we all know, this year Barrack introduced a choice of three institutes to the Upper School: Business, STEAM, and Art. Halfway through the first trimester, I decided to drop Study Hall and join the Art Institute, and I have no regrets. Not only was the class full of close friends and community, but the projects themselves were remarkable. Our teachers Mr. Lovitz and Ms. Schuster, gave us a tremendous amount of independence and inspired us to think outside of the box when coming across a challenge. 

Two projects stood out to me the most over the course of the year. To start, my number one favorite project of the year was definitely Through the Looking Glass. In this project, we had to draw a hand holding a hand mirror and our reflection inside the mirror using only charcoal, white charcoal, and an eraser. Once completed, we had to go back and use oil pastels, drawing a design that was a representation of ourselves surrounding the mirror. 

My second favorite project is our current one, which is titled Food Forms. In this project, we chose a three-piece meal to sculpt out of clay. For example, I am making a slice of pumpkin pie, a plate, and a fork. I don’t really have a way to explain why I love this, other than I just really love to sculpt with clay and work with Ms. Schuster. 

All in all, being in the Art Institute this year has been an awesome experience, where I built new friendships, grew as an artist, and honestly just had fun. Art has been a class I look forward to daily, and I can’t wait to see what we do next year!

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