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Moses: Killer or Savior

Brandon Rosen

Should Moses have hit that taskmaster who was just doing his job? Was Moses a murderer? Was Moses just protecting his people? One day While Moses was walking around Egypt he saw an Egyptian taskmaster beating a Jew with a whip Moses then killed the taskmaster defending the Jew. The Jew was afraid of Moses because he killed a man so Moses ran away.

Moses is in fact a murderer. Moses should not have killed the taskmaster because that taskmaster most likely had a family relying on him to provide for them. Now, the family of that taskmaster will probably starve and die.

The difference between the taskmaster and a Nazi soldier is the taskmaster had no free will in where he worked because the taskmaster had to do whatever the pharaoh told him. On the other hand, a nazi soldier had the choice of whether or not to be a Nazi.

Nevertheless, Moses was just protecting his people. At that point in the story, Moses knew that he was a Jew, meaning that he would have sympathy for the Hebrew slaves. When he killed the taskmaster, he likely thought that he was just protecting his people, not committing a crime. Rabbi Lauren says, “ From today’s standpoint, he probably should not have killed him, but if you see your people being beaten to death, you should step in.” That’s what Moses did.

We all like the outcome, but I think we need to remember that it was only achieved by murder. We should have the same goals as Moses to protect our people, but we should use different strategies to achieve them.


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