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Name That Teacher

Mikaela Garber

Israel Editor

1. Who Am I?

- I have moved 5 times in the past 7 years

- I built my home computer

- I Iook magic lessons for several years

- My Bar Mitzvah was a screening of the 2nd Harry Potter movie

2. Who Am I?

-I"ve "met" (shook hands with) three presidents- Reagan, Bush (the first one) and Clinton.

-I've been to all 50 states. S. Dakota is my favorite.

3. Who Am I?

-Famous spy Jonathan Pollard was my babysitter.

4. Who Am I?

-I have ridden an elephant and an ostrich -I have been skydiving

-I have been a millionaire (in Zimbabwe dollars!)

5. Who Am I?

-I was a High School Cheerleading Captain.

6. Who Am I?

-I tap danced on the stage at the Kimmel Center. I also have corneal transplants in both eyes.

7. Who Am I?

-I found and dug up a brontosaurus femur in Wyoming.

8. Who Am I?

-I am two degrees of separation from Bruce Willis, Tom Hanks, Kathleen Turner, and Denzel Washington. (I once appeared in corporate training videos with actors who appeared in The Sixth Sense, Philadelphia, and Serial Mom.)

-When I was sixteen, I tried out for the Cleveland Guardians.

9. Who Am I?

-I never went on a single date, although am happily married for 15 years.

-I was in a car accident where my car flipped 3 times, and I walked out without a scratch.

-I took off on a Hercules plane 6 times but landed only once.

-When I was 30, I meditated for 10 straight days, without speaking, reading, writing, or making eye contact with anyone.

-I used to have long curly hair that reached my shoulders. I also wore eyeglasses.

-I got a cellphone only when I was 18.

-When I was 16, a metal frame weighing 200 pounds fell on my head.

-I love spinach!

10. Who Am I?

-I lived in Lagos, Nigeria when I was 3.

-I visited Manila, the Philippines and saw Imelda Marcos’s 2000 pairs of shoes collection!

11. Who Am I?

- I almost became Chief Rabbi of Sweden

- I have biked more than 55,000 miles in 19 years of commuting to Saligman and Barrack

12. Who Am I?

-I qualified for a level one hang glider pilot’s license!

13. Who Am I?

-I played quidditch in college.

14. Who Am I?

-I appeared in an Arby's ad as a kid.

-I have been to India 6 times.

-I went to the same college as the guy who songified the corn kid.

-I have three friends who competed on Jeopardy!

-At the end of the Cold War, I attended a televised town hall meeting moderated by Tom Brokaw between my high school and a Russian high school.

-I know one of the co-creators of Twitter.

15. Who Am I?

I sailed around the world in college


1. Yoni Nadav 2. Stephanie Raphel 3. Minna Ziskind 4. Lindsay Siney 5. Erin Beser 6. Matthew Dorsch 7. Henry Dana 8. Thomas McLaughlin 9. Benaya Yehuda 10. Maya Rosenberg 11. Judd Levingston 12. Michael Zimmerman 13. Danielle Wilson 14. Elizabeth Pandian 15. Grant Butler


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