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Nonstop Noah

by Harrison Andelman

You ask of him and Noah Rosenthal ‘23 won’t disappoint. Throughout his Barrack career, Noah has stood out in more than just his academic path. As a soccer and lacrosse star, this 12th grader has done anything and everything to help the Barrack Cougars win. Because of his efforts, Noah has helped bring three championship trophies to the Cougar campus. Even though his talents place him at the top of his class and team, Noah’s leadership and grit are what separate him from others. He has and will continue to bring his team together, and all of his teammates are “beyond grateful” for his help, says Noah Erlbaum ‘23.

During the soccer season, playing as our center back, Noah stands strong as a brick wall on the defensive end. This year, he looks forward to watching a young and developing team “improve,” and strives to enjoy a successful “senior and final season,” states Noah Rosenthal ‘23 (the man, the myth, the legend). “There’s no I in team” is how Noah views the entire athletic community at Barrack, and it has helped us out greatly. Always looking for the extra pass or play, he creates new opportunities and challenges his opponents. I’m excited for and am anticipating Noah’s athleticism, elite communication, and strong chemistry for this season, as he tries to bring home another championship for his final season.

Later in the school year, Noah stuns the team and audience once he steps onto the lacrosse field. Winning two years in a row, Noah exclaims that he’s ecstatic to compete for “trophy number 3”. Noah has led the team in goals for the past two seasons, and looks forward to potentially scoring his “100th” one this season. With a young team, Noah looks to teach and show the Barrack Cougars Lacrosse team how it’s done. To Noah, the Barrack Lacrosse team does a great job in building a family-like atmosphere, and we’re fortunate to have him lead it. As a Junior and Senior captain, Noah represents our team extraordinarily, and everyone is proud to have an outstanding athlete like him.

To conclude, Noah’s excellence on the field has led to great memories and stories, and I can’t wait to see how he does in the upcoming seasons. I wish him luck in his last year and cannot wait to see him succeed once again!

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