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Taylor Swift Ruining Football for Chiefs Fans

Aviva Markowitz

Arts, Features, & Games

Recently there has been a lot of dispute online about international popstar Taylor Swift attending the Kansas Chiefs football games in support of her new boyfriend Travis Kelce. Most fans are angry about the amount of screentime she has been given when it really should be on the players instead. More specifically, every time the Chiefs score a touchdown, the cameras almost immediately pan to Swift instead of the team celebrating the play. Some are even comparing her to Yoko-Ono, the late musician John Lenon’s girlfriend, who was rumored to cause tension in the band, The Beatles, leading to their ultimate break up. As Ono was always with Lennon, people find Swift to constantly be around Kelce, attending every game he plays. Some suspect that she is simply using the NFL star to promote herself and her world famous Era’s tour even more. Male viewers are also angry about football being “feminized” by the singer and are mad their viewing experience is ruined and claiming that Swift is single handedly ruining the game for everyone. NFL’s X (formerly known as Twitter) and Instagram accounts have removed all references to Taylor Swift because of all the backlash from die hard fans. The reminder that she is at the game disrupts the enjoyment for many fans, causing people to contemplate leaving the Chief’s fandom.


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