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The Sound of Success: The Benefits of School Bell System

Rachel Loeb


For decades, bells have been a vital component of school life, signaling the start and end of classes, breaks, and other important events and easing the transitions. While school bells have been the topic of much debate, there is no denying their effectiveness in managing time and keeping students on track, and Barrack should bring them back.

Although many claim otherwise, students benefit a lot from bells. By having a clear signal for when classes begin and end, students are able to manage their time more effectively. They are also able to be less stressed and more focused on the class, rather than the alternative of constantly checking the clock, which is occasionally not visible, in order to ensure they catch their bus. Without bells, students are often held in class for an extended period of time and then blamed for making it to their next class late. With the bell system, there is a definitive ending point for the class, and the students will not be held late. One of the main criticisms against the bell system is that bells are loud and irritating. While this has generally been the case, it does not have to be this way. Potentially the students and administration could work together to choose a sound that is pleasant.

School bells can also be a valuable asset for school administrators and teachers. Without bells, students are less engaged, as they are concentrating on watching the clock. However, with bells, teachers are able to maintain students' focus better since they know that class is following schedule and they will not be late. Since Barrack has so many events that each have their own schedules, having bells would make it much simpler and faster for teachers and students to ensure that they are following the plan correctly.


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