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There No Need For Bad Blood With Taylor Swift

Ari Eisenstadt

Staff Writer

The Grammy-winning and future hall of fame artist, Taylor Swift, was facing backlash for attending a Comedy show whose proceeds went to the organization American Near East Refugee Aid(ANERA) specifically to help Palestinians in the Israel- Hamas conflict. Her presence at the event has upset many Zionists because they argue that Taylor Swift giving money to a Palestinian organization is wrong because it could get into the hands of Hamas and therefore we must cancel Taylor Swift. There are many flaws to this argument including the fact that Taylor Swift has not made a public statement agreeing with the Free Palestine movement and there is no proof that she directly donated. Also, ANERA is an aid organization that is not directly affiliated with Palestine which proves that Taylor Swift was supporting the innocent lives of Palestinians. Though it is alleged by some right-wing politicians that there are a few employees who support Hamas, the organization has not made any statements that are pro-Hamas. Additionally, Free Palestine’s mission is to “defend and advocate for the human rights of all Palestinians” While they do not support trade with Israel, their website does not directly call for Israel's destruction, meaning that if Taylor went to this function as a political point she was not being Anti-Semitic and probably not Anti-Israel either. Furthermore, Taylor Swift attending this function does not directly mean she is anti-Israel or proves anything but her supporting people in a situation of poverty and struggle. This theme of supporting the less privileged aligns with her beliefs since she has been involved with Feeding America for many years. Overall, trying to cancel Taylor Swift over an alleged association with a group that is trying to aid Palestine refugees and civilians is an extreme response and is boosting cancel culture.


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