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Varsity Athletes Deserve Better than Junior Varsity

Updated: Jan 30, 2022

Manny Shklar

Layout Editor

Barrack takes lots of pride in our sports program, as 75% of students here play at least one sport, with many playing even more. Sadly, many people do not get to play on varsity teams due to a lack of skill or experience. Our coaches decide which players belong on varsity and which belong on junior varsity (JV), meaning that there are extensive tryouts to qualify for a varsity team. I believe that the players chosen to play on our best teams deserve more time and focus than players on JV teams, as they are competing for titles or even college athletic scholarships. JV players are on JV for specific reasons, but that doesn’t mean they won’t improve with great coaching and attention.

As an athlete playing on the JV Boys’ Basketball Team this season, I have a very good view of how to improve and learn from my peers. I attribute this to the upperclassmen on varsity and the coaches, all of whom are devoted to making everyone better players and teammates.

Many student-athletes in 9th or 10th grade might feel as though this would be unfair, as upperclassmen (11th and 12th graders) are more likely to make varsity and are usually better players. Yet due to experience, the time they’ve had to build their skills and work on their craft, varsity athletes deserve the chance to show their strengths and help their teams. Barrack already provides excellent coaching and facilities for all of the teams to practice and play games, and regardless of where you play, you can be sure to improve. Varsity players will always give us a great chance to succeed, while our JV athletes can learn and prepare to take on that role in the future.

Every player in our athletic program is hungry for a league championship for Barrack in whatever sport they are playing. The coaches and other leaders want championships too, and our best chance starts with our best players. We can ensure that the varsity athletes are primed to win by giving them more time and attention through more games, scrimmages and practices. The varsity players can play to win now, whereas our JV players should be preparing for the future when they take over and can lead a strong team.


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